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Coffee vending machines are a growing trend in restaurants and cafes. People love being able to quickly get a fresh cup of coffee whenever they want it.

You can also make a good amount of money with coffee vending machines. Since people can always get a fresh cup of coffee, they will not need to order as many regular coffees.

People either pay by the cup or by the hour for use of the machine, which adds more profit to your business!

There are several different types of coffee vending machines that you can purchase. Depending on how much you want to spend and what kind of coffee you would like to serve, varies what machine you should buy.

Some brew just regular hot coffee, while others also brew tea and espresso. Some even have different flavors added to the water to make different types of “specialty” coffees.

This article will talk about all the different types of coffee vending machines and how much they cost.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks

how much do coffee vending machines cost

People love coffee so much that it’s hard to go to any establishment, whether it be a restaurant, café, or even a gas station, and not find coffee for purchase.

It is very common for people to spend money on drinks outside of the home, especially since most people don’t have robotic baristas in their homes yet.

The average consumer spends about $5 per day on coffee according to Business Insider. This amounts to around $2,250 per year per consumer!

Since most places only sell one type of coffee for one price, you can assume that the highest price someone would pay is around $3-4 depending on the size of the cup. This makes selling coffee one of the most cost-effective purchases an establishment can make.

However, buying a coffee vending machine is not cheap. The average cost of a coffee vending machine is around $1,200-$2,000 depending on the brand and features such as wifi connectivity.

The starting cost for a coffee vending machine is around $1,500

how much do coffee vending machines cost

Coffee vending machines can be purchased for as little as $1,500. More popular brands will cost more, but that is the average price point for a coffee vending machine.

Many companies offer used coffee machines that have been refurbished. These can be a good investment as they are similar in price to new machines and save you money if you are looking to invest small amounts.

These prices are for standalone coffee machines that only brew coffee. If you are looking for a machine that offers other beverages as well, such as tea or juice, then those machines will cost more.

It is important to know how much your facility drinks coffee per day to know what size machine to get. Otherwise, you will be wasting money and having to refill it often.

You will need to have enough money to purchase a coffee vending machine

how much do coffee vending machines cost

Once you have decided that you want to start your own business, you will need to purchase your own equipment.

You will need to have enough money to purchase a coffee vending machine, along with the necessary supplies needed to maintain and operate it. Additionally, you will need money to advertise for your new business.

Many businesses require startup funds of at least a few thousand dollars, perhaps even tens of thousands depending on the business. It is hard to give a general estimate for how much it costs to start a business because every business is different.

Some require more expensive equipment or supplies, while others may cost less. Advertising can cost anywhere from nothing up to thousands of dollars per month depending on the size and scope of the advertising.

It is important to be aware of these costs so that you are not taken by surprise later on.

You will need to have a small space reserved for the coffee vending machine

One of the main considerations when buying a coffee machine is the amount of space you have for it. How big is the space where you will place the machine?

Most models require about 1 square foot of open space in front of them and about 2 feet to the left and right. Some models require more space due to their size or shape.

You do not want your employees to have to reach or move things around to get access to the supplies needed to make a coffee. It may also prevent people from making drinks if they have no time to do so.

Make sure you know the dimensions of the machine you are buying and if it will fit in your establishment. Also, ask your vendor about any additional equipment needed to use the machine such as water bottles or cups.

COFFEE MACHINE RENTAL: If you only need the machine for a short time, like for a few months while remodeling or while moving locations, then renting may be an option for you.

Coffee vending machines are an easy way to start a business

If you’re not quite ready to launch your own business, a coffee vending machine is an easy way to get started. You can buy pre-made coffee and sell it for a profit, or make your own blends and sell them.

You can also find ways to monetize the vending machine by adding snacks or pastries to the offering. Or, you can have customers use the machine as a way to recruit new employees or customers.

The best part about coffee machines is that everyone likes coffee! So, no matter where you put the machine, it will likely get used. People will come back to the machine again and again because they like the quality of the coffee and how convenient it is.

If you are looking for an investment or starting up your business doesn’t quite fit you, start small with a coffee machine.

Many people like to have coffee right when they wake up

how much do coffee vending machines cost

Wake up calls are a great reason to have a coffee machine. Many people like to have coffee right when they wake up. If you are like this, then you know the struggle of having to wait until lunch time to get a coffee due to the long line at the coffee machine.

You can cost-effectively install a coffee machine in your office using a few things you probably already have in your office. You first need to decide how many cups of coffee you want to make at one time and what type of coffee you will be making.

The most expensive part of installing a coffee machine is the actual machine itself. Depending on what brand and type of machine you want, they can cost anywhere from $100-$1000. You can find used ones as well, which can bring down the price.

Coffee gives you energy for the day

how much do coffee vending machines cost

Who doesn’t love a nice, warm cup of coffee or can’t live without it? Many people claim that coffee gives them the energy they need to start their day.

Some even claim that they can’t start their day until they have that first cup of coffee. While this may be a little bit of an exaggeration, it still shows how important coffee is to many people.

People like to have control over things they care about and value. With a corporate coffee machine, you have no control over the quality or quantity of the coffee you get. A lot of the time, people end up with lukewarm water and weak coffee that does not perks them up.

Having your own cafe style machine with high quality beans inside will give you more control over your caffeine fix and the quality of your brew.

There are many different types of coffee beans you can use

how much do coffee vending machines cost

When choosing your coffee beans, you will need to account for several things. First, what kind of flavor do you want?

Do you like strong, bold flavors or mild flavors? Second, what type of bean do you want?

Does it matter if it is a dark roast or light roast? Third, what is your budget? Buying good quality beans will cost more than low quality ones.

Fourth, where are you purchasing your coffee beans from? If you buy them online from an overseas seller, then your bean type may not match up well with a local coffee bean seller.

Within these sections, there are even more details to explore to get the perfect cup of coffee! Some people like to add things into the coffee such as milk or sugar, so having some extra room for flavor there is helpful.

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