In What Year Did Starbucks Serve Its First Caffe Latte?

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: August 18, 2022
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The Caffe Latte is a popular drink created by Starbucks in 1984. The beverage is made with steamed milk, espresso, and a light foam topping. It has quickly become a favorite of customers. When it first debuted, this drink was unfamiliar to most Americans but soon became a favorite of many. While it may not be known to the average American, the Caffe Latte is still one of Starbucks’ best-selling beverages.

Latte Is Coffee Beverages? Amazing ...

Starbucks’ mermaid

In the logo, a mermaid appears as the centerpiece. Since the establishment’s founding in 1971, the mermaid has been the brand’s most prominent icon. However, the mermaid is not an actual creature; it is a two-tailed siren, a legendary creature of medieval mythology associated with alchemy. Its image has long enticed customers, especially those from more conservative countries.

Origin of the mermaid

In South Korea, mermaids are known as Sinjiki. Their distinctively white skin and black hair have a warning purpose: to scare away fishermen. In Maori legend, mermaids are known as Pania of the Reef. In this tale, a woman marries the son of the tribal chief and spends days with her mermaid friends. However, she escapes back into the water when she attempts to become a human.

Origin of the cafe latte

The origin of the cafe latte at Starbucks has been debated. While the drink originated in Italy, it has been used in the English-speaking world for decades. The phrase originated in Seattle in the early 1980s. A quick search on ProQuest’s News and Newspapers yielded eight results from the west coast of the US. The May 1989 NYT article “DE GUSTIBUS” is also available through Gale OneFile.

Years of expansion

The rapid growth of the coffee chain led to tectonic shifts within the organization. Baldwin remained as president, but Casey replaced him as chief operating officer. The company also negotiated the sale of the Caravali brand. In 1985, employees voted to unionize. In response, Howard Schultz left Starbucks and started the Il Giornali Coffee Company. In return, Starbucks invested $150,000 in cash and services. In 1989, the company appointed Bowker as its president. Its sales increased to $6 million a year.

Locations of stores

The origin of the Starbucks coffee chain can be traced back to Peet’s, a Seattle-based gourmet coffeehouse. The success of Peet’s inspired the concept of the cafe latte. The coffeehouse had become a Seattle institution, and Schultz wanted to build upon that success. Having spent time at Peet’s, Schultz was inspired to create a cafe where customers could enjoy specialty coffees.


The question of when did Starbucks serve its first cafe latte is a perennial question. In 1971, the coffee company was founded. It became a global coffeehouse chain in 1996, when it began to expand outside of the United States. Since that time, the company has expanded by opening two new locations a year. In 2007, it had 2,500 locations in about a dozen countries.

Growth of the company

The Starbucks coffee company uses multiple strategies to maximize its growth. These strategies focus on extending its presence in international markets, creating better products and increasing the value of its existing offerings. The company adjusts the mix of these intensive growth strategies as the need for each one arises. However, it has been consistently able to deliver superior results. This is one of the main reasons for its recent success. It has earned an excellent reputation in the coffee and latte industry.

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