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Five Highlights of the New York City Coffee Festival




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If you are looking for a unique way to spend a Saturday, check out the New York City Coffee Festival. Project Waterfall will receive a portion of the proceeds from this year’s event, which provides clean water to coffee-growing communities. You can also enjoy street food, music and art while you’re there.


The New York City Coffee Festival offers a variety of music events. Live performances will be featured at The Coffee Music Project Music Stage. There will also be workshops and demonstrations from renowned chefs and coffee experts. The festival also includes a sensory maze, interactive demonstrations, and educational talks.

The Coffee Music Project is also featured at the festival. This contest seeks to find emerging songwriting talent and engage community spirit. Project Waterfall, an international nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to coffee-growing communities in the developing world, will benefit from the proceeds of the contest. The competition will be a great opportunity for emerging artists to gain exposure in the music industry.

The New York Coffee Festival will return to the Metropolitan Pavillion on October 14th and 15th, and will include food, live music, and art. The Coffee Music Project will be featured at the event, as well as the Coffee Masters competition.


The New York Coffee Festival is an international celebration of coffee culture. It includes art, lectures, presentations, as well as unlimited coffee tastings from all over the world. Over 100 innovative coffee companies and roasters participate in this event. Interactive demonstrations, workshops, as well as music acts, will be held at the event. You can also sample the coffee and take in the art scene.

New York Coffee Festival’s Lab program is jam-packed with workshops, demonstrations, and tasting sessions. The Lab calendar also features live talks by the CEOs of major coffee companies. Intelligentsia CEO James McLaughlin will be speaking on Friday at 11:50 AM. Lem Butler, the CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee Company, will also be speaking at the festival. Also, Amaris Gutierrez-Ray, a coffee-adjacent artist, will present a lecture titled “Careers in Coffee.”

The New York Coffee Festival features a coffee-themed bar featuring espresso drinks and cocktails. Both diehard and casual coffee drinkers will find something to love. Coffee With New York will also be hosted at the festival, where New Yorkers can meet celebrities to sample their favorite beverages.

Latte art workshops

Besides the competitions, the New York City Coffee Festival also offers latte art workshops. These sessions, which are led by rotating baristas, demonstrate latte art techniques. Visitors can make flying phoenixes and coloured latte art! There are also plenty of surprises around every corner!

There are different classes for different skill levels. Latte art workshops are a great way to improve your skills, no matter if you are a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a novice. These workshops showcase the talents of many coffee brands and coffee-makers.

A six-hour workshop teaches you the art of espresso, pouring and latte art. You’ll also learn about coffee machines, including La Marzocco Strada EP and Unic Stella Volumetric. In the second workshop, you’ll learn advanced espresso techniques.

There are many coffee-related events around the globe, but the New York Coffee Festival is the largest. In addition to the workshops, you’ll be able to participate in competitions. You can even win the title New York’s Best Barista. Allegra Events, a global leader for immersive events, hosts the festival. Every year, thousands of people visit the festival.

Cupping classes

At the New York City Coffee Festival, you’ll be able to sample coffee from over 70 coffee brands, equipment vendors, and local food vendors. Both professionals and coffee enthusiasts can attend the event. Here are five highlights: *The Lab calendar features workshops, demonstrations, tasting sessions, and more.

*A hands-on coffee cupping class will be held at the festival. Students will receive a packet with samples and instructions for placement and scoring. Demonstrations on espresso, blending, pairing chocolate with coffee will be part of the class. The class costs $75 and includes a drink ticket as well as samples. Afterward, there will be food trucks at the festival, and proceeds from the class will go towards Project Alianza, which helps provide quality education to underprivileged children in Latin America.

* This course is for beginners and will teach coffee tasters how to cuppa. Students will learn how set up a cupping station, how to taste coffees from different regions, as well how to use the SCA coffee tasting wheel.

Guided meditation

New York City Coffee Festival is the largest international coffee festival. This year, guided meditation was added to the festival’s sensory experience. This immersive sensory experience lets you experience the coffee festival through all five senses. Participants will experience a guided meditation and then a series aroma and taste encounters. This is a great way expand your sense of taste.

The New York Coffee Festival will also include music, art, food, and more. The Coffee Music Project will feature New York-based musicians performing at the festival. The Coffee Art Project will feature emerging artists’ work. You can also attend the conference program if you are a coffee lover. More than 30 top speakers will inspire curious coffee lovers.

Guided meditation can help you relax and reset your mind. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for practicing meditation, there’s a variety of styles and methods you can try. Some people prefer to follow instructions closely, while others find it easier to concentrate on the present moment. Regardless of what style you choose, you’re sure to benefit from the experience.

85 vendors

The New York Coffee Festival is an annual event that celebrates all things coffee. This weekend-long celebration features interactive workshops, coffee tastings, and barista demonstrations. Over 85 vendors will be selling a variety of coffee drinks and other food from all over the world. Live music and street food will be performed. The winner of the Latte Art Throwdown contest will be on hand for attendees.

The New York Coffee Festival is a weekend-long celebration and celebration of coffee culture. It attracted 12,000 coffee lovers last year. It features live experiences by over 85 vendors, interactive workshops and demonstrations from world-class baristas.

Festival celebrates the booming specialty coffee market and growing consumer interest in the beverage. The event features educational seminars on everything from how to roast coffee to running your own coffee shop. The Sensory Experience is another highlight, taking attendees on a wine tasting-style adventure of taste. The New York Coffee Festival is expected this year to attract a large international audience. Visitors will come from as far as South Africa.

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